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Services - to CxO


What to expect

Mature Security Program

Cost Optimization

Realigned business and security

High performance teams

The Pain-Points

Organizations lack guidance on how to align security to continuously changing business priorities, technology platforms, threat landscape, and security tools. In a rapidly changing digital environment, business priorities, the vCISO can bring a lot to the table in terms technical expertise, business acumen and communication skills to the leaders of the organization. 

Building business resilience in a dynamic organizational context requires requires balancing security investments and creating a strong feedback loop. The vCISO can help you build business resilience and moving up to a next level of security maturity model.

Your Challenges

  • How do you re-align your security strategy to support your business/IT strategy? How do identify the long term and short term goals and create a roadmap to achieve those?

  • ​How do you minimize the cost while building or acquiring any security capability for the organization?

  • How do you assess and transform your current security program to a desired level of maturity? 

  • How do you manage the organizational risk and modernize the security disciplines and program structure? 

Your Benefits

  • Our vCISO can engage with executive management, prioritizing the security budget  and re-aligning security to business priorities.

  •  Our vCISO can prepare a holistic enterprise wide security strategy, assessment, oversight and training ​for your security priorities.

  • Leverage the expertise, experience and leadership of vCISO for your high value and high visibility initiatives. 

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