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Security Champions Program

What to expect

Security talent at scale, 

Accelerated release cycles, 

Security built in to SDLC

The Pain-points

With a shortage of 4 million cybersecurity workers globally and 75% of SMBs saying they lack the personnel to address IT security, how can organizations gain the skills they require to cut through the noise and accelerate cyber security initiatives and faster response times?

Being prepared to respond to today's security incidents means acquiring and maintaining both the tools and the expertise to successfully detect attacks and stop them before serious damage is done. However, with the diversity and complexity of threats on the rise, security teams find themselves drowning in data and overwhelmed by the immense volume of alerts, many of them false positives.

Your Challenges

  • How do you solve the skills gap required to do the appsec work?

  • ​How do you scale the work for each engineering team so that the appsec priorities are covered?

  • Can you build and mature your appsec program with cohesive set of practices for your organization?

Your Benefits

  • To mitigate risk, your software development lifecycle should take a pragmatic approach to security.

  • You can quickly identify risk areas that are most important to your organization, you can reduce the time vulnerabilities live in your applications by up to 60%.

  • Eliminate the bandwidth bottleneck and partner with someone you trust.

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