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Security Awareness Program

What to expect

Improved user participation

Reduction in Human error

New-age Security Culture

The Pain-points

In any organization, cybersecurity cannot be handled by few security teams alone. It requires a collective response from the overall workforce to remain vigilant and respond better with respect cyber attacks especially client side attacks. User with poor security knowledge and training will bring down every security capability installed and used within the organization. 

Empower your users with good enough security knowledge to identify any phishing or social engineering attacks directed towards them and make sure they learn the ways to thwart them, report them to right teams and authorities. Build a security culture to respond better for any client side attacks directed towards your organization.

Your Challenges

  • How do you empower users to support your security tools and processes?

  • ​How do you assess and transform your security culture and security hygiene for your organization? 

  • How do you identify the unaware offenders who are phish-prone and train them further? 

Your Benefits

  • Improve your user base to respond better for phishing and social engineering attacks. 

  • Provide a clear communication workflow to identify and alert the relevant owners and teams in case of malicious activities. 

  • Improve the security hygiene and security culture of your organization.

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