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Services -  Security Assessments 

On-Demand Assessments

What to expect

Privacy by Design

Data Processing Recommendations

Vendor Selection decision criteria

Physical Security Recommendations

The Pain Points

Understanding the overall privacy risks prior to any data processing requires a lots of challenges in terms of knowing the data processing requirements, the type of data involved, the geographic context. Failure tp adhere the privacy regulations can cost a lot to you.


To efficiently handle the entire vendor relationship lifecycle would be a huge challenge from vendor selection. Understanding more about your physical security controls, gaps, improvements needed will save you lot of money from various BCDR perspective.

Our experienced architects and experts can help you providing the right guidelines and recommendations for Privacy by Design, Vendor Security controls and Physical security evaluation. 

Your Challenges

  • How do you decide and approach the scope, type and outcomes of the Privacy Impact Assessment? 

  • How do you identify and implement the data processing recommendations to avoid heavy fines due to regulations? 

  • How do you achieve better decision making in your vendor selection? 

  • How do you identify the gaps in your physical security posture?

Your Benefits

  • Identify and implement the Privacy by Design guidelines and recommendations for your data processing requirements.

  • Choose vendors with clarity to avoid future security mishaps.

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