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Services - Managed SoC

Build & Manage

Security Operations

What to expect

Layered SoC Design & Implementation

Digital Forensics & Incident Response Capability 

The Pain-Points

The more quickly you can detect and address a security incident, the more likely you can limit the damage and recurrence of the incident. When conducting an investigation, there are many choices to be made, including whether your company is more concerned with containing and repairing the damage than looking into it as a potential criminal offence. Having right set of security monitoring, digital forensics and Incident response capabilities aligned with security priorities is a challenge. 

Your Challenges

  1. Building the DFIR and Security Monitoring capability to identify the Indicators of Compromise during an incident. 

  2. ​How do you build threat intelligence capabilities and integrate with your SoC Monitoring process?

Your Benefits

  1. Rapidly achieve the DFIR  and Security Monitoring capability either through building it or use the managed services from us.

  2. ​Integrate threat intelligence capabilities with your critical assets and expand more detection coverage and probability. 

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