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Services - Risk Assessments

End to End Security Review

What to expect

Security Architecture Review

Threat Modeling

Secure Code Review

Attack Surface Analysis

Penetration Testing

Risk Remediation

The Pain-points

Organizations are still struggling how to integrate security in their SDLC for the application development? They lack the knowledge of what are the series of activities to perform to minimize risks and gain more confidence in their products. 

Use our end to end security review for your product / application to perform risk assessments to uncover risks at various stages of your SDLC. These activities include Security Architecture review, Threat Modeling, Cloud security assessment, DevSecOps Integration, Privacy Impact assessment, Penetration testing and red teaming etc.  

Your Challenges

  • How do you integrate multiple security activities into your application development and gain advantage as part of defense-in-depth? 

  • How do you ensure the security risks and identified and mitigated during your architectural and high level design phase?

  • How to you prioritize and remediate the identified risks? 

  • How do you understand the overall risk posture for your application at any phase that you are in? 

Your Benefits

  • Minimize the risks at the early stage of your application development by choosing and executing the right activities at right time. 

  • Validate the risks identified by one activity followed by the next. Gain more confidence in your approach and methodology.  

  • Obtain right set of evidence and insights about security controls, gaps and provide the actionable technical and process recommendations. 

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