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Build / Modernize Your Cyber Security Program

What to expect

Security Program Modernization

Re-aligned Security

Enhanced Security Governance

The pain-points

Organizations in the technology space doing or supporting business in the digital era, struggling to create a value from security activities. They know "security is a business enabler" but still struggling to figure out, how to build and effectively manage security to reap business benefits. As a result, they end up with the inadequate security program which creates less business value.

Building a cyber security program involves many challenges such as understanding the overall organizational context, business processes, setting up the right teams with roles and outcomes, sharing the value created in each team and gain valuable insights. 

Focusing on perimeter security, traditional fragmented approaches to security, Compliance complacency, lack of sharing and interoperability between security teams, tools and processes would result in a ad-hoc firefighting security program model. 

Your Challenges

  1. How do you create and drive the security program for your organization? How do you design your security program to support your business's vision and mission? 

  2. How do you drive your organization workforce to participate in the security program? How do you design capabilities to support your vision?

  3. How to design and measure the capabilities needed to support current and future needs? How to measure and share the value generated from these capabilities? 

  4. How do you and your customers gain insight and more confidence from your security program? what kind of metrics will you be able to generate? 

Your Benefits

  1. You can create a cyber security program to be aligned with your business goals. You can incrementally create the capabilities to support your security strategy and roadmap.

  2. ​Transform the entire organization workforce as a blue team to responsibly participate in the cyber security program and create business value. 

  3. Design the required capabilities with appropriate people, process and tools and measure value.  Gain more visibility from various metrics and improves decision making. 

  4. Gain more confidence in your security program and internal security processes backed by the right metrics and values generated from them. Share the confidence to your customer to put more trust on you and your products.

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