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Security for different needs & scales

From Designing Cyber Security Programs to fixing your code to remediate a vulnerability - Your security needs are Covered

What We Do

Concept to Go-Live

Security on all Phases

With our 20 years of expertise in Architecture and Cybersecurity, our experts can help you to build your Cybersecurity programs, transform and manage your appsec program, scale your security workforce with our Security Champions Program. 

With our end to end cybersecurity assessments and on demand services all your cyber security needs are covered and addressed at any scale and any phase. 

Security Programs

Transform and modernize your application development through our cybersecurity programs, appsec programs and security champions program to meet changing market dynamics and stay ahead of competition.  

Risk Assessments

Gain more visibility and confidence through our various risk assessments for your cyber estate and applications. Leverage our expertise for Security Architecture Review, Threat Modeling, Privacy Impact Assessments, Vendor Security Risk Assessments, Source Code Review, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Remediation, Red Team exercises and many more to fit your needs. 


With our vCISO, Engage business leaders on security, align to business priorities and risk management, build strategic initiatives to structure security transformation, integrate security to build cyber resilience. 

Managed Security Services

Offload your security objectives and pain points with our managed security services. Talk to us to know our offerings for Security Operations Center, Incident Response, Managed appsec and Vulnerability remediation. 

Visit Our Knowledge Center

Check our resources page to find interesting case studies, important advisory information, blogs about best practices, recommendations and much more. 

Build Your

Security First, Cyber Resilient 


Start building Security First, Cyber Resilient security organisations by leveraging tailored cyber security programs, services and solutions for your strategic alignment and competitive advantage.  

Get started with abaya Today

Why Partner with abaya

Gain more control and visibility about your security program

Have you structured your security program to propel your business? Have you identified what capabilities you need for your current and future IT/business? How do you drive your overall appsec program and accelerate vulnerability remediation? How do you plan to solve the cybersecurity skills gap?

Leverage our cybersecurity programs to gain more confidence in your team, tools and processes. Gain more visibility and control in what you do.

Reduce more than 60% of time & cost spent on your security activities

Have you ever tested your design leadership for cybersecurity? Do you really think the security feature you are building or purchasing is actually necessary or relevant?.

Reduce cost and time for more than 60% with our Security Design leadership while building systems and applications. Improve the Time to Market and overall cost optimization. 

Manage your Security continuously with full governance and insights 

Manage your security with our full range services and tools to gain advantage. Build a holistic governance to support your Organization's strategic goals and derive insights for better decisions. 

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